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brick river cider company

Take a Dram of Family Tradition at Brick River Cider

St. Louis's first cidery—Brick River Cider Company—opens born of family and tradition.

February 15, 1978

St. Louisan, Leon Spinks, shocked the sports world when he beat Muhammad Ali in fifteen rounds for the World Heavyweight Crown. He and his brother, Michael, were the only brothers to ever hold world titles.

February 12, 1804

Birthday of Robert Campbell who, with William Sublette, founded the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. He became one of the richest men in St. Louis. His home, Campbell House is now a Museum.

January 30, 1982

On January 30th and 31st 1982, a blizzard occurred with the heaviest axis of snow blanketing St. Louis, Missouri with 21-24 inches of snow.

January 23, 1887

William Greenleaf Eliot died on this day. He was a co-founder of Eliot Seminary which became Washington University. He was the grandfather of St. Louis author, T.S. Eliot.

January 19, 1965

Un-manned Gemini spacecraft (built in St. Louis) orbited earth and was successfully recovered.

January 17, 1927

Birthday of humanitarian Dr. Thomas Dooley in St. Louis. He was a diligent medical pioneer in Southeast Asia and John F. Kennedy named Dooley as his inspiration for starting the Peace Corps.

Sportsman Park Fireworks Explosion

December 30, 1882

A fireworks factory exploded on the grounds of Sportsman's Park in St. Louis. Neighbors and fans had complained for years that it wasn't good to have an explosives factory next to a stadium.

River Des Peres St. Louis Forest Park World's Fair

December 29, 1901

The World's Fair Company awarded a contract to construct a wooden tunnel to take the River Des Peres under the fairgrounds on this date in 1901.