Sherry Graham With the Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef makes some of the most handy and innovative kitchen tools currently available. Sherry Graham will be on hand to talk about and sell these gadgets, and will also have free samples cooked using Pampered Chef tools.

Learn more by visiting The Pampered Chef website.

Charles Strain

Charles Strain creates bronze sculptures using the lost wax method of casting. At his foundry in Harrisburg, he creates unique works of art. Charles draws his imagery from the world of nature and life experience.

Learn more about Charles by visiting his Facebook page.

Westphalia Vineyards

Westphalia Vineyards, located in central Missouri, uses natural processes to create their wines. They add no additional sulfites to their products and age their wines using only Missouri oak barrels, creating fresh and vigorous wines.

Learn more about Westphalia Vineyards by visiting their website.

My Vintage Varia

My Vintage Varia will be selling and showcasing our upcycled farmhouse, primitive and industrial spool clocks. All their clocks are made in their studio by hand. These oversized working clocks range from 14” up to 42” in diameter.

Learn more about My Vintage Varia by visiting their website.



Th’Red Head Designs

A professional fiber artist for over 20 years, Marci Blank has delighted (and  warmed!) many art patrons with her wearable designs. Each of Marci’s creations is an extension of individual choice and each piece assumes its own identity during the creation process.

Learn more about Marci by visiting her website.

Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings

Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings creates fresh seasonings, 8 flavors 2 sizes. They also have Cedar Grilling planks for fish. They’ll be sampling their garlic bread and cheese logs. Don’t miss these delicious treats, but bring a breath mint!

Learn more about Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings by visiting their website.

Studio 4 Glassworks

Melanie Hancock of Studio 4 Glassworks creates fused glass with an emphasis on combining glasses to create interesting light & color effects. Glass is fused, molded, & cold worked as needed to produce a polished final product.

Learn more about Melanie by visiting her website.

Borgman’s Dairy

Borgman’s Dairy is a 3rd generation, 83 year old, family, farmstead, Grade-A, Goat Dairy located just minutes from Powell Gardens. Borgman’s Dairy will sell goat milk, goat milk ice cream, and goat milk caramel sauce at this event.

Learn more about Borgman’s Dairy by visiting their website.

Joe Rittman Woodworking

Joe Rittman finds great satisfaction in giving reclaimed Missouri woods a new purpose. Using the wood lathe and a variety of hand tools, he is able to create the cuts needed in order to preserve and produce a functional heirloom.

Learn more about Joe by visiting his website.

Arcadian Moon

Arcadian Moon creates some of Missouri’s best wines, from Crimson Cabernet to Vignoles–and from dry to sweet–Arcadian Moon has a wide selection of Midwestern varietals, as well as a few blended Wines.

Learn more about Arcadian Moon by visiting their website.

Schneider Farms

Schneider Farms sells snack sticks and summer sausage made from pork raised on our family farm in Hermann, MO. All products are made at a USDA inspected facility. Flavors include BBQ Bacon, BBQ Bacon Pepper Jack, Jalapeno & Cheddar, Hawaiian, and more.

Learn more about Schneider Farms by visiting their website.

Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery

Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery is located just 40 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Their philosophy is that wine is an experience to be savored and shared. They will have wine to sample and purchase, as well as t-shirts, wine accessories and books.

To learn more about Fence Stile Vineyards & Winery, visit their website.

Harold’s Famous Bee Cream

Meet the team behind Harold’s Famous Bee Cream. Harold’s Famous formulates skin care products, all of which use ingredients harvested from the honey bee. We make healthy products to help people while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Learn more by visiting the Harold’s Bee Cream website.

Farm to You Market

We feature many Missouri produce products, working directly with the producer to help get the products throughout the state.
We are also home of Todd Geisert all natural Pork.

Visit Farm to You Market online to learn more about them.

Bardenheier Wine Cellars

Bardenheier Wine Cellars make wine, wine scented candles, soap and wine jelly winery T-Shirts. Their mission is to produce a superior beverage whose time honored tradition will be enjoyed throughout the ages.

Learn more about Bardenheier Wine Cellars by visiting their website.

Blue Fox Farms

Blue Fox Farms crafts wild and native botanical preserves. All of the herbs or fruits in their products are gathered from their 70 acres in the Missouri River hills. They then use the highest quality ingredients to create jams, jellies, marmalades, and culinary salts.

Learn more about Blue Fox Farms by visiting them online.

Mary Brauch

Mary Brauch creates handcrafted jewelry including semi-precious, Swarovski crystals, Chezk beads etc. Mary will also be displaying some Missouri Pecans and her line of Soaps.

Visit Mary’s booth on April 28 or 29 to learn more.

Midwest Tea Festival

The Midwest Tea Festival will be offering free samples of teas blended & sold in Missouri, and selling them as well. This will be a mainly informational booth about the annual Midwest Tea Festival in Kansas City.

Learn more about Midwest Tea by visiting them online.

Day Dreamin’ Metal Art

Day Dreamin’ Metal Art, created by Sherry Day, makes metal sculpture from mostly salvaged auto, farm and architectural parts. Each piece has its own feel, in some the salvaged metal is easy to spot, and all would make an excellent addition to your collection.

Learn more about Day Dreamin’ Metal Art by visiting them on Facebook.

Berry Nutty Farms

Berry Nutty Farms create traditional jams and butters and make a point of buying their supplies locally and from U.S. businesses. They believe our grandmothers knew how to make a natural product with a robust flavor, and Berry Nutty Farm continues those traditions.

Learn more about Berry Nutty Farms by visiting them online.

Petals & Pearls

I make gemstone and glass wrap bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Some fabric accessories and hand-stitched fabric flowers. I am also working on fabric twine bowls, although I do not have any pictures of those yet.

Learn more about Dana’s work by visiting her on Facebook.

Precious Patterns

Mary Paleen from Precious Patterns creates children’s clothes, baby gifts, purses, tag blankets, lovie bears, burpcloths, quilts, tooth pillows, capes, tutu’s aprons, microwave bowels, multi purpose bags, and more!

Check out the Precious Patterns booth at the fair April 28 or 29.

Northern Prairie Alpacas

Deb Wellinghoff raises alpacas. With her sister she creates handwoven rugs using fiber harvested from their herd. Quality “Fresh From The Farm” handwoven rugs and scarves are their signature products, but they also feature 100% alpaca yarn created from the herd.

Learn more about Northern Prairie Alpacas by visiting their website.

Madge H. Gressley

Madge H. Gressley is an author of children’s, young adult, and adult books. She write sand illustrates as well as doing all of her book covers. All Madge’s books are 5 Star Readers’ Choice Award winners, and many of her books have won other awards too.

Learn more about Madge’s work by visiting her website.

Feather Hill Arts

Norma Marshall, known as Feather Hill Arts, creates copper and enamel jewelry, paintings, and notecards. Her prices range from jewelry for $15.00 to $95.00, notecards for $5.00, and paintings and prints for $45.00 to $490.00.

See some of Norma’s juried work on her Best of Missouri Hands page.

Hollyware Pottery

Holly Deckard’s work consists of functional stoneware, Raku pieces and decorative sculptures. Her functional work is mostly wheel thrown with some it being hand-built. Holly uses cone six stoneware clay and commercial food safe glazes.

To learn more about Holly, visit her website.

Welcome to Carol World

Carol is an art photographer and published author. She grew up in Kansas City, and is currently exhibiting in Hannibal and Warrensburg. Most of Carol’s work is on canvas and metal, but she also offers prints, cards, and some textiles.

Learn more about Carol’s work by visiting her website.

Thompson Farm Soups & More

Thompson Farms create hand-made soups and dip mixes in Saint Charles. They will be selling their selection of 19 different soups as well as 12 different dip mixes and accessories.

Learn more about Thompson Farm by visiting their website.

Cat’s Designs

Cathy Mertz creates custom made, one-of-a-kind jewelry and more. Cathy’s creations are made from vintage silverware, making each piece a unique creation that can’t be recreated. Cathy also does metal stamping.

Visit Cathy’s Facebook page to learn more.

Three Trees Workshop

As Three Trees Workshop, Nathan and Cynthia Epp make high quality handmade wooden games, toys, and household items. Their shop is in Warrensburg and they primarily use local Missouri hardwoods. They also use eco-friendly finishes.

Learn more about Three Trees by visiting them online.

Moonlight Studio Designs

Mary Beth St. Clair of Moonlight Studio Designs makes fine art jewelry using rare stones and sterling silver. Jewelry using amber is her specialty. She also produces a found object line as part of the jewelry lines she creates.

Learn more about Mary Beth by visiting her Best of Missouri Hands page.

Fetchen Honey Farm

Fetchen Honey Farm will be selling honey in different size containers including honey bears, skeps, jugs and honey sticks, as well as handmade soaps, beeswax lip lubes, beeswax food wraps, native bee/insect houses.

You’ll be able to see Fetchen Honey Farm’s full selection of products at the Market Fair!

Maggie B’s Jewelry

Maggie B is a metalsmith who creates jewelry pieces from silver, copper, precious, semi-precious stones and even beach rock. As an artist, she’s inspired by nature and the beauty around her, and she recreates that beauty in many of her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Learn more by visiting her Etsy shop.

WKT Glass Art

Wanda K. Tyner’s kiln-formed glass artwork combines my passion for world adventures with creating useful, innovative, colorful and sometimes whimsical kiln-formed glass art. The artwork she’ll display at the fair will focus on nature themes.

Learn more about Wanda by visiting her website.

Carol’s Corner Glass

Glass has been the passion of Carol Knox’s entire life and, finally, early in 2012 she decided it was “now or never” to turn that passion into an art form.  Her preference is for function which is why she focuses her creativity on dishes and other usable pieces.

Learn more about Carol by visiting her website.

Kim Carr Photography

Kim Carr is a natural light, non-manipulated photographer. Her main focus is rural Missouri with an emphasis on farm animals. Her new body of work is numbered and limited editions.

Learn more about Kim’s work by visiting her website.

Village Designs

Dodie Eisenhauer and Jenny Turner are a mother-daughter team who use many kinds of wire that they coil and weave into jewelry and pieces for the home. Some is functional art while some is meaningful decoration.

Learn more about Village Designs by visiting them online.

Webster Fiber Arts

Annie Webster makes one-of-a-kind crocheted wearables, wall art, and accessories. Annie uses a variety of materials in her work, from commercially available yarns to my own hand-dyed fibers.

Learn more about Webster Fiber Arts by visiting them online.


Jen Brandford was raised near St. Louis and comes from a family of makers. Jen makes jewelry and wearable art and accessories from found, foraged, upcycled and recycled materials including locally-sourced wool and fiber and sustainably hand-harvested botanicals.

Find out more about Jen by visiting her website.

Tales From Missouri

Ross Malone write books about Missouri, including history and historically accurate adventure stories. Ross’s books are sold in the Missouri Life store and my research is used daily for our Missouri History Today feature.

Learn more about Ross by visiting his website.

Crow Steals Fire

Crow Steals Fire, created by Donna Fox, specializes in hand stamped, hand cast, and beaded jewelry. Donna is a self-taught metalsmith, and a member of the Aspiring Metalsmiths Team on Etsy and The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths.

Learn more about Donna’s artwork by visiting her website.

Essential Bliss Products

Essential Bliss Products will be selling all natural skin care products made with only beneficial ingredients, including coconut oil and essential oils. Body Creams, Bath Soaks, Salt Scrubs, Hair Treatments, Lip balm, Face Masks, etc.

Find out more about Essential Bliss by visiting them on Facebook.

From My Basket

Candace Futch creates fun, whimsical hand-dyed silk wearable art including ponchos, wraps, kimonos, scarfs, and jewelry. Her designs are influenced by nature’s beauty, abstract art, and complex stained glass.

Find out more about Candace’s designs on her website.

Stranded Glass

Gail Crozier creates jewelry from handmade glass beads and fused glass. She likes to work with bright, vivid colors as well as shapes found in nature like spirals and arches.

To learn more about Standed Glass, visit them online.

Roger Cissner

Roger Cissner is a photographer and a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands. He will be exhibiting cards, framed and matted images and images on aluminum of landscape photography.

See some of Roger’s work by visiting his Best of Missouri Hands page.

Stone Hill Winery

Stone Hill is Missouri’s oldest and most awarded winery.  Stone Hill’s yearly production is approximately 300,000 gallons of wine, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.  Stone Hill’s winemaking team produces wines that are again receiving international acclaim.  Winning more than 4,000 awards since 1988, Stone Hill Winery has continuously ranked among the nation’s top award winners.

Stone Hill will be on hand at the Market Fair pouring their renowned selection of wines and educating visitors about their varietals and the winemaking process. To learn more about Stone Hill, visit their website.

Divine Treasures and Gems

Phyllis Wiggins-Horne started out  crocheting scarves and designing simple accessories by request from a few close friends and family members. Their feedback motivated her to expand her craftsmanship into other areas. Now, Phyllis is a 3-D jewelry artist who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using semi-precious and natural gemstones with silver, copper, and brass. Her inspiration comes from nature in creating those one of a kind pieces when making earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Learn more about Phyllis by visiting her website.

Darla Zook

Darla Zook grew up in the wide-open spaces of western Oklahoma.  While working with her Father on the family farm, music was a creative outlet for her family.  These experiences planted in her the passion to portray the beauty  she sees around her through her music and art.

Learn more about Darla’s artwork by visiting her website.

Kevin Williamson Design

Kevin Williamson grew up in Brown County, Indiana surrounded by artists and natural beauty. He worked in the family furniture shop, drew and painted local landscapes, launched model rockets, and was intensely curious about absolutely everything. As a graphic designer and woodworker he is curious about how most everything is created. He loves computers, Photoshop, old hand tools, and the smell of freshly milled lumber.

Learn more about Kevin’s work by visiting his website.

Kirk Decker

Kirk Decker use film, digital, and infrared cameras to create photographs of landscapes and flowers. Kirk is planning to showcase his flower photographs in particular at the Best of Missouri Life Market Fair.

Learn more about Kirk’s photography by visiting his website.

Excelsior Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

The Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce will be showcasing the best of Excelsior Springs Missouri – highlighting their shopping, dining, wineries, accommodations, trolley tours and more!

Learn more about Excelsior Springs by visiting their website.

Kris Tracy

Kris Tracy’s art is created with pastels and oils. She works in landscapes and still life compositions. Kris hopes her work will encourage people to take some time to look at the beautiful world that we have been given.

Learn more about Kris by visiting her Facebook page.

Dreamer Art Studio

Sherry Haney paints to be creative, totally losing herself in the art as she paints, in the story she’s telling and how it connects with the viewer. Sherry chooses her focal point and lets the story evolve. Her musical art inspires people to play and her romantic paintings spark their desire to hug or kiss their partner. Sherry sees people look at her art and create their own stories. She will be displaying original paintings and will have prints for sale.

Learn more about Sherry’s art by visiting her website.

A & M Accessories

Marcia Mendez, better known as A & M accessories creates work that consists of purses, jackets, scarves, obi belts, and kimonos in various fibers surged with exposed edges for aesthetic appeal. Dyed fabrics add to the palette to convey fun and whimsy.

Learn more about A & M Accessories by visiting their Facebook page.

Weld Made Art

Jessie Cargas was born 1964, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her media is steel and the finishes are poly urethane, paint, patina or powder coat. Her pieces begin with a vision,  a design, then are drawn, cut, sanded, shaped, rolled, and or welded, then finished. She has ventured into some – somewhat specific themes, keeping them abstract. The visions come from within, from previous pieces, and from keeping open to every day influences.

Learn more by visiting Jessie’s website.

Blue Heart Art

Kim Ortbals of Blue Heart Art creates colorful, unique fused glass work. Unlike blown glass, this work uses a kiln and silica that will be melted and cooled multiple times up to 1,500 degrees, in order to shape the finished art that starts with an inspiration and is finished at Kim’s fingertips.

Learn more by visiting Kim on Facebook.

Carole Behrer – Traditional Crafts

Carole Behrer creates theorems (19thc. Stenciling in white velvet) as well as producing artwork made from the discipline of Scherenschnitte (German paper cutting). Both styles of Carole’s art are available in hand made grained frames.

Learn more by visiting Carole on Facebook.

The Bent Tree Gallery

The Bent Tree Gallery creates handcrafted rustic furniture and accents. All of the pieces they offer are created with an eye for detail. They are kiln dried and sealed with a premium finish. The Bent Tree Gallery has been creating since 1982.

Learn more by visiting The Bent Tree online.

Stone Hollow Studio

For 39 years, Stone Hollow Studio, LLC has been known for murals, illustrations, photography and sculpture but is most recognized for original, hand-etched scrimshaw by artist Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky. In 2017, Mike was named one of the Top Traditional Artists in the country by Early American Life magazine for the 21st time.

Visit Stone Hollow’s website to learn more.

Never Bored Creations

Lisa Palmer from Never Bored Creations has a vision to share her love for creative crafting with you by making those creations available for purchase and by providing instructions and supplies to you so you can also enjoy creative crafting, AND never be bored!

Learn more by visiting her website.

Kluempers Photography

The last few years Greg Kluempers has traveled in the US and Europe taking photos. Many of his images fit into the Pictorialism Style using manipulation of  photographic materials to create new, more expressive, painterly, altered interpretations as was a way of projecting emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination.

Learn more by visiting Greg’s website.

Julie’s Clay and Canvas

Julie’s Clay and Canvas will feature a variety of hand built and hand painted large ceramic vessels that hold plants or are just decorative out of clay. Julie is a double Juried Best of Missouri Hands artist in both Clay and Painting.

Visit her on Facebook to learn more.

Snow Flake Glass

Peggy King is a fused glass artist creating both function pieces and wall art using dichroic and irridized glass, as well as studio made glass cane and murrini. Snow Flake Glass will bring a range of plates, bowls, dichroic and irridized wall art items and a number of smaller items.

Visit her website to learn more.

The Cottage

The Cottage in Hermann, Missouri, offers an event venue for weddings and gatherings, as well as fun getaways for families and friends. Their picturesque location is an ideal spot to unwind and relax. We have a variety of lodging accommodations, including tree houses and cabins, and a friendly staff that’s ready to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Visit their website to learn more.

Ace of Spades Garden Art

Joyful copper faeries, mermaids, dancers and floral goddesses designed and made by internationally recognized artist Alice Calhoun. Each year Alice designs new Flower Faeries. Alice’s faeries have been featured in many flower show gardens and continue to be exhibited every year in show gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Alice has also have written a children’s book called The Magic of Many: A Springtime Faerie Tale. Her artwork is inspired by dance, theater, gardens, and myth.

Visit to learn more.

ASL Pewter

ASL Pewter Foundry produces high-quality, lead-free pewter products that are not only functional, but are also works of art. Their studio and foundry are located in beautiful Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. ASL Pewter Foundry believes in tradition and craftsmanship. All of their product designs are either based on historic pewter pieces, or original creations.

Visit to learn more.

Warren Soper Woodcarving

Warren Soper has been a professional woodcarver since 1976 when he founded Warren Soper Woodcarving. The majority of Warren’s carvings are made out of Butternut wood or the bark off very large Cottonwood trees. Some of the carvings made out of butternut that will be displayed are in-the-round carvings with western themes and Christmas ornaments. Warren will also be selling whimsical fairy garden houses, faces, and Christmas ornaments made out of Cottonwood bark.

Visit Warren Soper Woodcarving on Facebook to learn more.

Ozarklake Copper Garden Art

Bill Merritt has been making people smile for many years with his unique copper and glass creations. Bill, doing business as Ozarklake Copper Garden Art along with his wife Terrie, creates functional garden art in his studio near Camdenton, MO. His specialty is hummingbird feeders but all types of garden adornment come from his studio.

Visit to learn more.

K-K Designs

K-K Designs are purveyors of some of the most eye-catching and unique hand-made goods you’ll find in the Show-Me State. They’re excited to show you their unique hand-made designs in decorative gourds and sterling silver jewelry.

See samples and learn more by visiting their website.

Rollin’ Down the River

During the summer of 2016, therefore, Larry set out from Three Forks, Montana, and followed the Missouri River (by car) from its source all the way through seven states of the Upper Midwest and Midwest to its majestic confluence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis.

Join Larry at the festival as he revisits his magnificent adventure through pictures and stories of the River, its life, and its culture.

Read a review of the book that appeared in Missouri Life here.

April 28-April 29, 2018 at Powell Gardens

Want to bring your business to the Best of Missouri Life Festival? Learn more about the event and how to apply for a booth by clicking here.

Top photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash