March 15, 1893

Work was completed on the KATY railroad between St. Charles and New Franklin. Now it is a beautiful bicycle trail all across the state.

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Join Us For an Inn-to-Inn Ride on the Katy Trail

Join us for a 6 day ride along the nation's premier rails-to-trails park, the Katy Trail. August 26-31

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March 14, 1871

Barton County Missouri filed a lawsuit against Wyatt Earp claiming that he did not surrender the tax money and fees he had collected for local schools.

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March 13, 1861

Nathaniel Lyon took command of the St. Louis Arsenal on this day.

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March 12, 1955

The life of KC's fabulously talented Charlie "Bird" Parker ended on this day. He was suffering from pneumonia and an ulcer, as well as cirrhosis, and had struggled with declining…

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March 8, 1927

On this date a huge still was located on an island in St. Charles County. This one had 6000 gallons of fermenting mash. St. Charles County was called the most still-infested in…

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March 7, 1862

The Battle of Pea Ridge at the Missouri-Arkansas border decimated the power of Confederate forces in Missouri.

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March 6, 1815

Residents along the Dardenne Creek got together on this day to build a church of logs. This original St. Peter's Church was later destroyed by a flooded Dardenne. The church was…

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March 5, 1946

Winston Churchill delivered the famous "Iron Curtain" speech at Westminster College in Fulton.

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March 2, 1829

The radical reformer, statesman, general, and Missouri Senator Carl Schurz was born on this day. He is famous for saying: "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept…

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