March 20, 2012

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Old Ozarks Mills

Award-winning photographer and writer Mike Mcarthy of Photozarks has spent years milling around the Ozarks region, discovering that the Show-Me State has some of the finest old water-powered

gristmills in the nation. In his book Historic Ozarks Mills, he takes you on a tour of these relics, some of which are open to the public during warmer months.

Zanoni Mill, in Ozark County, is located on the grounds of a picturesque working cattle ranch. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the mill from the highway, and the owners will usually allow visitors.

Now part of a fishing resort with lodging and dining, Rockbridge

Mill in Ozark County was built in 1868. The mill is open to the public from spring through fall.

Old Dawt Mill sits on the bank of the North Fork River. It is one of five historic mills in Ozark County. Recently, it was renovated and is now a restaurant at Dawt Mill resort.

Hodgson Mill was originally built in the 1860s. The current structure was erected in 1882 after a fire. Recently bought by new owners, it is still open to the public during warmer months.

Hidden deep in the Mark Twain National Forest of Oregon County, Falling Spring Mill was powered by a spring that pours from the bluff behind the rare over-shot wheel.

Built in 1881 to grind wheat and later generate electricity in the 1900s, Reed Spring Mill is on the West Fork of the Black River and a private farm in Centerville. Visitors can see the mill from the road.

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