Made in Missouri en-us Copyright 2014 Missouri Life Inc. All rights reserved. Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:20:47 GMT Made in Missouri: Decoylab Design Studio After Maiko Kuzunishi worked for ad agencies, design firms, and a motion graphics company in Kansas City, she decided it was about time she worked for herself.

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Made in Missouri: TwoAlity Boots On many levels, Brynne and Bailye Stansberry of Columbia are unlike most twenty-three year olds. The twin sisters enjoy working together so much that they co-own their business and spend weekends managing their venture.

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Made in Missouri: Newberry Furniture Newberry Furniture crafts furniture and kitchen accessories by hand.

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Made in Missouri: Ozark Mountain Coffee Co. Ozark Mountain Coffee Company is defined by a focus on family and quality.

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Missouri-made Hot Dogs Grab some hot dogs and toppings made in the Show-Me State, and have a great backyard cookout this summer, full of Missouri pride.

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Made in Missouri: W.F. Norman The W.F. Norman Corporation in Nevada in southwestern Missouri is likely one of the most unusual success stories in America.

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Made in Missouri: K. Hall Designs Kelley Hall-Barr, co-owner of K. Hall Designs alongside her husband, John Barr, has a nose for fragrance. She started a career as a fragrance buyer and discovered the industry could use some inspiration.

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Made in Missouri: Marina’s Meatballs Not many people looking to change careers think of pigs. But when John and Marina Backes left New Jersey in 2009, hog farming was exactly what they wanted to do.

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Made in Missouri: Kimono Designs A Springfield designer is drawing inspiration for handbags, scarves, hats, and more from Japanese fabric.

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Made in Missouri: ThreeStrands Although not a native Missourian, Columbia embroiderer Allison Vaughn is fascinated by the state's plants and animals.

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Made in Missouri: Wee Ones Since its founding in 1973, Wee Ones has been family-owned and operated, designing and making hair accessories for girls.

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Made in Missouri: Polly Rillstone Scarves A winding road led Polly Rillstone from Walmart fashion analyst to accessory artisan.

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Made in Missouri: Rainbow Hammocks Rainbow Hammocks makes hammocks in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Made in Missouri: 5 Gen Salsa For five generations, Kim Lane's family has been whipping up batches of sweet and spicy salsa in Harrisburg.

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1860s Genuine American Vodka This vodka is anything but boring! Crisp and clear,1860s Genuine American Vodka is distilled five times and packaged in a rugged leather sleeve.

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ReAuthored Dress up your e-readers and tablets with these unique covers made from real books.

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Beaver Brand Hats New Haven is home to Beaver Brand Hats, a historic company offering up quality hats made from beaver fur.

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Made in Missouri: Klogs USA Sullivan is home to Klogs USA, a company that makes comfortable clogs for many different professions.

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Made in Missouri: Collar Craft Dress up your furry friend with stylish collars made in Mount Vernon.

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Alpaca Rugs Unique alpaca rugs made in Columbia are beautiful addition to any room.

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