Louisiana Purchase


Courtesy Library of Congress

A savvy deal negotiated with France more than two hundred years ago would set the stage for the first major challenge of this young nation. Someone—actually four someones—were called upon to oversee the expanse that would become Missouri Territory. more

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Lewis and Clark had now traversed the entire breadth of the future state of Missouri. They were at the present site of Kansas City and preparing to start north along the western edge of our state. more

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The Corps of Discovery was having a terrible time in western Missouri near present day Miami. The current of the river was so strong that they were running out of ways to get the boats upstream. more

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In St. Charles and St. Louis flag raising ceremonies were conducted recognizing the new American sovereignty. This was probably carried out at Ste. Genevieve, New Madrid and other frontier communities as well. more

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Meriwether Lewis arrived back in Missouri this time as Governor of the territory. more

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Meriwether Lewis Telescope

Courtesy of the Missouri History Museum

National Treasures that Shaped Missouri

Visit the Missouri History Museum, and see rare pieces of history that impacted the state and the nation. more

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