Lauren Licklider

Jane Froman

Courtesy State Historical Society

There are so many women who influenced not only our state, but also our country and the world. These were women who challenged the status quo, who built business empires, and who understood the value of giving back to their communities. more

Jul 8, 2014 3:26 PM Life


Courtesy of Pastaria

Chef Gerard Craft has a St. Louis restaurant empire, and Pastaria is no exception to the high standards of quality and flavor that go into his food. more

Jan 17, 2014 12:00 AM Flavor

Float Trip 1

Lauren Licklider

Writer Lauren Licklider takes a trip down the Eleven Point River—a float trip paradise. more

Aug 28, 2013 12:00 AM Travel

Claysville Pie

Lauren Licklider

A stop by Hartsburg is well worth the visit if you try this restaurant's delicious home cooking. more

Jul 23, 2013 4:00 PM Flavor

Rooster cafe crepe breakfast

Lauren Licklider

Breakfast is jazzed up at this St. Louis cafe. more

May 27, 2013 5:00 AM Flavor

True False pass and tickets

Lauren Licklider

A Day at True False Film Festival

Associate Editor Lauren Licklider spends a day at the tenth anniversary of the True/False film festival in Columbia. more

Mar 5, 2013 9:00 AM MO!

Lauren trapeze

Kevin Manning

Associate editor Lauren Licklider heads to circus school and comes home with more than she bargained for. more

Mar 1, 2013 5:00 AM Life

Interior Cathedral Basilica

Andrew Balet, ShareAlike 2.5

A Trip to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Associate Editor Lauren Licklider visits a St. Louis cathedral as beautiful as those in Europe. more

Feb 4, 2013 7:00 AM MO!

Cross-country skiing

Lauren Licklider

Cross-country skiing is an unfamiliar winter sport worth the search. more

Dec 21, 2012 5:00 AM Life 1 Comments

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