January 13, 2012

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Did we miss something?

Perhaps my eyes have gone bad. Did I miss Margaret Tobin Brown's name in this list. AKA Molly Brown? If so, how did this happen? Did anyone research what she did for those who survived the Titanic or for the women's right to vote? Her bust should be placed in the capitol building.

Jim Foster more than 2 years ago

Top Ten Women article link to all 95 nominees?

On the first page of the article 'Top 10 Women Who Changed Missouri' there is a notation that says "Find all of our amazing 95 nominees at www.MisouriLife.com". i do not see a link. Where is the link at that web page to find the other 95 nominees?

Patty C. more than 2 years ago

Liked the article but...

I enjoyed the article, but I feel like Northwest Missouri women were left out of it. Mary Alicia Owen is highly influential, along with her two sisters. Not to mention that on the panel, the only woman there even close to me was from Kansas City.

Kyleigh Abbott-Weston more than 2 years ago


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