March 2, 2012

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Haunted Hannibal

By Ken and Lisa Marks, The History Press, 128 pages, nonfiction

Written by self-proclaimed “Hannibalians,” Ken and Lisa Marks, Haunted Hannibal explores the unknown and brings the mystery and history of Hannibal to life. The couple originally moved to Hannibal in 2009 to restore the infamous Rockcliffe mansion and now operate Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours to teach visitors not only about the parts of history that we can see, but also the parts we often simply need to sense. This book gives readers a glimpse of ghosts in the attic, crime in “Blood Alley,” the real “Injun Joe,” and other various hauntings, both friend and foe. Told by real people who have experienced unexplainable events, the stories provide entertainment and excitement, but also a sense of the way life in historic Hannibal used to be. About a town known mainly as being the childhood home of one of literature’s finest, Mark Twain, Haunted Hannibal reveals the secrets of a forgotten time and the forgotten people in “America’s Hometown.”

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March 2, 2012


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