October 1, 2012

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Tasty, healthy snacks

The Kansas City suburb of Riverside is churning out some tasty and, believe it or not, healthy snacks. Sunflower Food & Spice Company creates products based on and inspired by the sunflower’s natural bounty. Sunflower Food & Spice spokesperson Lisa Sobilo says the company aims “to provide unique and delicious snack and treat options for those looking for a satisfying and healthy food experience.”

The company started in 1994 with its first snack: Honey Toasted Sunflower Nuts. After 16 years in the business, it has expanded and now sells more than 35 snacks and candies. Sunny Seed Drops, which are chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, are the most popular product, followed closely by candy-coated sunflower seeds called Silly Seeds, and they come in eight different flavors ranging from Wacky Watermelon to Tangerine Tickle. Sunflower Food products can be found at major retailers such as Cost Plus World Market and Gordmans in addition to local stores throughout the state.

For more information, visit www.sunflowerfoodcompany.com or call 800-377-4693.

October 1, 2012

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