December 19, 2011

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Germ Fighter

Germ fighters are popping up in workplaces and schools around the country.

And although it might appear to be everywhere, Germ-X, a leading hand-sanitizer brand, is from somewhere nearby. Germ-X is manufactured by Vi-Jon, a health and beauty care company located in St. Louis. From its manufacturing facilities in Missouri and Tennessee, its goods, including private-label products and Inspector Hector, a children’s hygiene line, are distributed globally.

John B. Brunner opened the company as The Peroxide Chemical Company in 1912, and by 1920, his company was shipping hydrogen peroxide to Mexico, Australia, China, and India. In 1933, the company's name changed to Vi-Jon Laboratories, a combination of the names of the founder and his wife, Viola.

With the onset of the H1N1 flu virus several years ago, Vi-Jon produced Germ-X at record levels. By late 2009, it produced nearly 27,000 gallons of sanitizer a day, which was three times the amount produced during the same time in 2008.

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December 19, 2011

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