January 2, 2012

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Very Cherry

In 1876, Dr. George Washington Chase of St. Joseph opened a produce business to help make ends meet for his family. His eldest son, Ernest, convinced Dr. Chase to open a candy factory on the second floor of their shop, an idea that worked so well the family soon focused entirely on the popular chocolate and peanut candies. Then, in 1918, Chase created Cherry Mash, chopped peanuts in a chocolate coating over a cherry fondant center, made with real maraschino cherries. Chase Candy has sold more than 500 different kinds of candy, but Cherry Mash is the company’s best seller, in both original and bite sizes. It is still made in St. Joseph, and in 2005, the company built a new custom-designed plant.

www.cherrymash.com • 1-800-786-1625

January 2, 2012

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