July 23, 2012

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Bamzi Bags

There have been occasions when Sondra “Bams” VanArsdale has walked into a store and left without her purse. She didn’t lose it or leave it; she sold it to a passerby who said that they loved it.

Sondra has been making these purses— Bamzi Bags—for almost five years. They have the features, she says, every woman would want in a purse—bright colors, with leather appliqué, a sturdy bottom, and six pockets, plus a Velcro key holder.

The creations Sondra loves to make began as a craft but have quickly turned into a business. (She just shipped an order to Cairo, Egypt.) Each purse takes three hours to make, so Sondra is sewing and cutting for twelve to fifteen hours each day. She uses either leather or fabric and combines colors and patterns in new ways.

online store and shows keep Sondra busy. Many of her shows are connected with the Children’s Miracle Network, which receives 30 percent of the sales from those shows. “Shows are the place for people to see, feel, and get an idea of sizes,” Sondra says. They are also the place to see her newest creations, a smaller Load-n-Go purse and checkbooks. Bamzi Bags range in price from thirty-five dollars to ninety-five dollars.


July 23, 2012

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