October 21, 2011

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nostalgia rt.66

Whenever he would fire that thing up.you could hear it for blocks! I would stop doing whatever important thing I was doing and head for the huge front green screen door that was the front door of the store and peel up the sidewalk (the only 2) of Altamont and wach rapturously as that old Harley would gurgle down the gravel streets of Altamont! What a site that was!

Barry Morrison more than 2 years ago

nostalgia rt.66

Some of my family's earliest vacations revealed some still existing places still barely hanging on as the old tourist traps they had been in years past,but you could easily see that thier best times were way behind them.(they were probably just ghost from long ago). This article brought out the fact that nostalgia is "history with-out the pain".....and that is soooo true. There was,I'm sure,a lot of pain delivered with the moonshine they brought to thier customers. One of the "ol' boys" who ran a dilapidated garage next to my fathers store in Altamont,Mo. delivered moonshine in his Harley Davidson saddlebags!(Ralph McNeil...my FB friend George Handly will remember him)Ralph used to take out the old Harley for a weekly spin and when he started it up,it was excitement on two wheels!

barry morrison more than 2 years ago


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