July 27, 2012

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Mixed media man

As a young child, Lupus Garrett knew with utter conviction he was an artist. Born and raised in a tiny river town, he used crayons, paint, wood, and anything else he could get his hands on to create works of art.

It was his Aunt Madarine Garrett, a schoolteacher, who recognized his talent and encouraged it. Family members along with his aunt appear in his body of work.

“Mixed media” is how Lupus describes his work. “I use all of them and always have.” If wood was around, he painted on it. Whatever was available, he used it. His early work also reflects his continued bold and vibrant use of color.

After living in Chicago for 35 years, Lupus returned to his family farm in Moniteau County in 1999. He says it offered him “uncomplicated freedom to create.” Family plays a pivotal role in his work as he intricately embellishes photographic portraits with colored pencil, acrylic, enamel, ink pen, collage, and found objects. “Anything and everything is game,” he says.

That statement most fittingly describes his sometimes humorous, sometimes outrageous treatment of family members and others picked from his extensive collection of old photographs.

Lupus has had solo shows at Lannon-Cole and Judith Racht in Chicago, as well as the Mildred-Kostitch Gallery in Omaha. He has shown at many group exhibitions, including the Sawtoothe Center for Visual Design in Winston- Salem, the Missouri Gallery in Chicago, and the Countryside Art Center in Arlington.

July 27, 2012

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