Feb 2012 Cover

Top 10 Women Who Changed Missouri

Read the cover story from the February 2012 issue, which will be in the upcoming film Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and directed by David Fincher.

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Michael Pace

Woven Together

Basket-making brings a Missouri couple closer. more »

Jul 28, 2014 Life

Before the LDS Church made improvements to the property, this was the northeast view of the Far West temple site, circa 1965.

Courtesy of Alexander L. Baugh

Far West

It was a Promised Land until all hell broke loose. more »

Jul 25, 2014 Life

Louise Stanley

Louise Stanley felt the school system was lacking something: basic home management skills such as nutrition, sewing, cooking, and child development. Now, she's known as the mother of home economics. more »

Jul 8, 2014 Life

Courtesy of Keija Parssinen

Experiences of an Expatriate

A Columbia's author's childhood in Saudi Arabia influenced her award-winning book, The Ruins of Us. more »

Jul 8, 2014 Life

Courtesy of the Missouri Governor’s Mansion

The Art of Etiquette

Each summer, Missouri's First Lady teaches our children manners. Is there any better place to learn etiquette than the Missouri Governor's Mansion? more »

Jun 27, 2014 Life

Courtesy of Missouri Boatride Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass Way of Life

The Missouri Boatride Bluegrass Band pays respect to its roots. more »

Jun 10, 2014 Life

Six Spring Reads

Check out these great Missouri books; they're perfect for when you're stuck inside on a rainy day. more »

May 29, 2014 Life

Author Laura McHugh

Taisia Gordon

Blood on the Leaves

An author’s first novel, inspired by true events, grapples with humanity's darker side. more »

May 20, 2014 Life

Courtesy of W.F. Norman

Made in Missouri: W.F. Norman

The W.F. Norman Corporation in Nevada in southwestern Missouri is likely one of the most unusual success stories in America. more »

Apr 29, 2014 Made in MO

A. J. Hendershott

Ghost Tree Comeback

The Ozark chinquapin once flourished in Southeast Missouri. Now, the tree might be poised for a comeback. more »

Apr 25, 2014 Life

Missouri Artist

Courtesy of Andrew Barton

Missouri must inspiring because our state as an abundance of ingenious and creative artists who work with all mediums.

Made in Missouri

Courtesy of 1Canoe2

So many cool things are made in Missouri. Check out these food products made throughout the Show-Me state.


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