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On this date, Hiram Leffingwell presented his plans for a huge city park west of Kingshighway in St. Louis. Forest Park was to become a jewel of the state and the Midwest. more

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A meteorite weighing just over 1.3 pounds fell on a barn near Baxter in Stone County. more

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The Mississippi was frozen over and a saloon keeper set up business in the middle of the river. His new location was so popular that he added a "ten pin alley." more

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Baseball Hall of Fame

Birthday of Baseball's most colorful character, Dizzy Dean. Read more about him in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland. more

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Steve Fossett took off from Busch Stadium aboard his balloon "Solo Spirit" and set a world distance record when he landed in India. He might have made it around the world but Libya denied him permission to cross their country. more

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