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The French explorer Louis Joliet was born. Together with Marquette he would lead the first expedition to explore the eastern boundary of Missouri. more

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William Clark wrote of the "great velocity" of their trip as they grew ever more eager to get home. They made 65 miles this day and found themselves near present day Washington and Marthasville. more

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Plans were unveiled for damming and developing the Meramec River Valley. This began a 28-year battle to stop the plan and save the valley. more

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President Truman made a series of what came to be known as whistle stops—quick stopovers in cities and towns along the path of the railroad. On this day, he was making remarks to a crowd in Trenton, Missouri, from the rear platform of his train. more

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Courtesy Grace United Methodist Church

The Methodist Conference in Cape Girardeau selected a young circuit rider, James H. Slavens, to start the first church of any kind in Springfield. The congregation he founded is still active at Grace United Methodist Church. more

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