French Appetizers

Fine French Food: Starters

Black olive tapenade and goat cheese cache create a light, savory appetizer for a summer meal. Served on small toasted rounds of bread, these are popular in the south of France.




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Jul 12, 2017 11:26 AM Recipes


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This refreshing treat will be a hit at your next cookout. more

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This recipe will have you cooking up cashew chicken like a pro. more

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This quick and easy recipe for St. Louis style toasted ravioli is perfect for your next party or potluck. more

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This recipe for a classically delicious pecan pie comes from Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Whether you prepare this dish for a family feast or just for fun, it's guaranteed to please. more

Nov 22, 2016 10:54 PM Recipes

Tasty Treats

Mount Pleasant Ice Wine Cantaloupe Sorbet

If you're looking for a cool treat as summer heats up, try this sorbet made with cantaloupe and Mount Pleasant wine. Scope it up and enjoy outdoors in the cool, evening breeze.