July 9, 2012

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From a fellow hermit

I too have never really understood the concept of lonliness. I feel like solitude is something to be embraced and even sought after in our hyper-social world. Like you, I have no disliking of people and can situationally be the life of a party, when needed. However, I lean toward a life of solitude and would be absolutely content living on an island of my own creation. My favorite activity is hiking back trails with my dogs and ultimately seeking solitude in it's purest form.

Hermit more than 2 years ago

Well said - again

I am a middle ground person on this. I love my alone time, but there are times I pine for the company of other's, at which point I seek someone out. I will say that, much like you said, once I accepted myself and learned to like myself, everything else fell into place. I can be happy in a crowd and even enjoy it, but I can be completely content with my own company and a paint brush or a book for hours or days or weeks on end. The joy of self acceptance. It is a beautiful thing :) Thanks again!

Melissa more than 2 years ago

Woodlands versus shopping

Rae . . . I think living in a desert would beat shopping

ron more than 2 years ago


Probably not, Sal. The primary difference lies in distancing myself from the face-to-face, controlling the day-to-day climate.

Ron more than 2 years ago

being alone in your head

Well said. Though not loners, living in a quiet woodland beats shopping any day!

rae ann anderson more than 2 years ago


How many people speak to listen to their own voice (and rarely give their full attention to listening ) ? Personally, i believe the vast majority. It gives them a sense of importance and proves they are living sentinant beings.

You talk to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people daily. First at your word processor as you tap out your words and whit - chuckling as you go. And again when your words are in published.

Is there a difference ?

Sally Elliott Leach more than 2 years ago

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