July 11, 2012

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Once again, Thank you for stating what so many of us are thinking. ok, I should rephrase that. Thank you for, once again, stating what I am often thinking and think there have to be other's out there with the same thoughts. I am totally addicted to your collumn. I rank it up there with chocolate and my iphone. both things that I could use a 12 step program to get over, but I can't seem to find an ap for that. Thanks again!!1

Melissa more than 2 years ago


I don't think I have two worry about limelight after this many years, Deb. Such views are not exactly popular in the mainstream press (and I've been fired by enough newspapers to say that).

Ron more than 2 years ago

Money for nothing. . .

OH MY GOSH! A voice of reason in the insane world in which we live. Thank you for voicing something that so says what I have felt and fear. I felt relieved having read this, that I had not become a horrible person for wanting someone else to care for just a little while. I was tired of feeling it was my daily job to worry, continue to fan the flames, and watch Rome burn. . . Thank you! NOW, run and hide, because someone will want to drag you into the "lime light" of public soon!

Deb Sellers more than 2 years ago

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