April 4, 2012

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"Romantic love often strikes me as fraught with obsession and possession - the pressure to change, to be responsible for the life of another, to give up integral facets of personality for needless com­promise."


Sounds like someone fell prey to a bunch of Svengali-ish shrews (with oddly co-dependent tendencies) who used the screenplay of Fatal Attraction as a study guide on relationships.

Best stick with them there trees,pardner......

H. D. more than 2 years ago


Deep and calm, like the ocean on a good day to swim. Thanks, Ron

Megan more than 2 years ago

Even Rumi Whirled

I love the analogy of nature, and would argue the same rules apply: Breezes can become sudden fierce winds, can turn suddenly, can destroy you entirely if proper precautions aren't taken. Love bears the same responsibility with the same visible storms. I cherish them both, but have learned to appreciate the calm.

Not half as interesting. But a beauty all its own. Great article, and wondrful food for thought.

Lisbeth more than 2 years ago

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