July 4, 2012

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4th Horrors

Well, Melissa, they lost their appeal for me some many years back. These days it's mostly due to the noise (I am waiting for the postman to deliver my official "old curmudgeon" card).

Ron more than 2 years ago

The horror of the 4th

I guess the difference between having a large amount of testerone and being deprived is in the reaction to stunts on the 4th of july. My best friends dad thought that the funniest thing in the world was shooting bottle rockets, out of a home made launcher, at all the kids. The boys ran around dodging them and laughing like hyenas. I, on the other hand, proving once and for all my girldom, hid out inside the front door waiting for him to get too many beers in his belly, and pass out in his lawn chair before emerging from the air conditioned depths :) I still prefer fireworks from the safety of the house. Yes, I am a wimp. I have come to terms ;)

Melissa more than 2 years ago

RE: Survival

Yes . . . bigger plans, Megan. Like napping. Pretty tame goings on this year.

Ron more than 2 years ago

So glad you survived!

Yup, them were the days! No small miracle you didn't perish in that event. Guess Life had bigger plans for you. Glad you made it and hope that this year's celebration will be just as much fun, but without the life/eyesight threatening episodes that give you so much fodder for your blog now.

Megan more than 2 years ago

RE: Pyrotechnics

You know Mike . . . somehow your proving the Big Bang Theory doesn't surprise me at all.

Ron more than 2 years ago


My brothers and I have our own lore regarding 4th escapades! We didn't however concentrate the best of the best on the same 4th evening as you and your cousin were able to pull off! Ever try dynamite? We did!

Mike White more than 2 years ago

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