April 16, 2012

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You hit it right on the head! Wouldn't life be great if people could focus on their own lives more often instead of worrying about their favorite contestant on American Idol. Home is where your focus should be, and having pets makes you realize that quickly.

After an exhausting day at work it is always nice to go home knowing the dogs will be there waiting for me. Taking them for a walk becomes first priority when I walk through the door, and watching them run, chase squirrels, and play always brings a smile to my face.

You said it more eloquently then I every could, and you are right...happiness is at home, and it would like another rawhide treat.

Vanessa more than 2 years ago

A Dog's Live

As usual, I'm just love the article. Perhaps even more as I too love dogs. Mine has selective understanding of the English language. Similar to an outsider who chooses not to understand our language (while taking it all in) and then deciding if they wish to be involved or declare their inability of understanding the language. Or perhaps like many older married fellows, he has selective hearing. I haven't determined which it is, but he knows I'm on to him. And he still allows me to live in his home with him.
Keep writing and sharing.

Deb Sellers more than 2 years ago

Beautifully said.

I've only recently come to love dogs - an abandoned pup in the forest who we now call Lola changed all of that. Having always been a "cat person", I secretly scoffed at my parents who made their dogs food from scratch, and the other peccadilloes that seemed intrinsic to dog lovers (like worrying over leaving them alone, and inevitably wanting to take them everywhere).

I am now quite proud to say my dog is spoiled rotten, and I can't remember what I ever saw in cats. Your article reminded me of all of the reasons why - it's how they change us into such instruments of loving, as they themselves are.

Lisbeth more than 2 years ago


wow dude, I JUST put a deposit down on a puppy for Luke.....nice timing!!

Lisa more than 2 years ago

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