May 3, 2012

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There are more times then not when I wish I had an opportunity to be in this man presence. The man being none other than Val Kilmer. What an extraordinary man as he is an actor! I am most certain that this Citizen Twain one-man-show is remarkable! I wanna see...

If they found me out... more than 2 years ago

Val Kilmer AKA Citizen Twain

What better place than Missouri to do a scene about Mark Twain and his days working on the Riverboat.
Missouri..home of Samuel Clemens AKA: Mark Twain..such a lucky place to be early in May 2012 and being privy to seeing Val Kilmer demonstrate his favorite passion....stories about Mark Twain. If you are lucky you will get to hear about his new screenplay Twain-Eddy.
I hear Kilmer is on the road depicting Mark Twain in scenes he will use in his new screenplay....he is gaining ideas as he performs and has a question/answer portion of his performance where is he is getting feedback and learning to perfect his performance.
Big wheel keep on turning...ride that Riverboat Val, make us proud....

Bernice Policastro more than 2 years ago