March 14, 2012

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Meet Lauren, Lauren and Lauren

Currently, we have three Laurens coming to our office in a wing of the historic Hotel Frederick. The joke is, if you need something, just yell for Lauren, and someone will surely answer.

Lauren Hughes is our associate editor, who works almost exclusively on all editorial.  If you like the package on the top women in the state, tell her.

Lauren Schad and Lauren Young are both editorial assistants who are with us for a semester, driving out from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. We frequently have interns from that top school, and we’ve also had excellent interns from nearby Central Methodist University and also from as far away as Westminster, William Woods, and even Iowa.

Because I taught at MU’s j-school for 10 years, I’m really committed to teaching our interns while they’re here. There’s an interesting case filed in New York against Hearst, the large magazine company that publishes many well known magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle, claiming pay for work as an intern. In journalism, and especially at coveted magazines, many internships are unpaid. There’s a real catch-22. The law says interns should do nothing of real value, but of course, interns, including ours, want real experience, real published stories and clips, not busy work. We’ve always made it a priority to help our interns achieve their goals, whether that is photographing, mostly editing, mostly writing, or even design. Early in the semester, we plan what they want to do as their most noteworthy portfolio-building piece. And it can pay off. Lauren Hughes started with us an intern, and I keep track of a few other former interns, too, for the next time we may need to add staff.

I’ll watch the New York case with great interest. In the meantime, Lauren, Lauren, and Lauren: We’re glad you’re here.

March 14, 2012

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How fun!

What a fun post! I certainly loved my time as an intern for Missouri Life! And I did learn a lot while there! Nice to "meet" the new ladies!

Melissa Shiman more than 2 years ago

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